HaXml refinements

Graham Klyne gk at ninebynine.org
Tue Jun 8 16:20:30 EDT 2004


FYI.  I've completed and tested the restructuring of parameter entity 
handling I described previously.  Some additional conformance test cases 
now pass, though a couple that did pass now fail. (These are 
non-well-formed test cases that the parser doesn't recognize as such.  I've 
made a decision not to try and catch every non-well-formed case that still 
makes sense as an XML document.)

I've also got relative file access working properly for external entity 
access (i.e. relative to the referring file rather than the program's 
"current directory")

I've also generalized the external entity access to support HTTP, but 
that's not yet tested.

I think these represent the extent of changes I intend to make that affect 
the existing core HaXml code.  The remaining functions (GE substitution, 
namespace processing, etc) I hope to implement as filters rather than 
changes to the core code.

Do you want to think about preparing a new release?  I'll bundle up the 
code when I've tested the HTTP access.


PS:  I just remembered, I also need to check out that external DTD subset 
handling works properly with the revised external entity handling.

Graham Klyne
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