FTP library

Alastair Reid alastair at reid-consulting-uk.ltd.uk
Thu Jun 3 06:13:43 EDT 2004

> I'm after a fairly complete FTP binding - I need PUT, MDTM, CHMOD, etc as
> well as RETR.

ftplib (http://nbpfaus.net/~pfau/ftplib/) seems to be fairly complete and it 
looks easy to create an ffi binding for it.  (At first glance, it seems to 
have strong leanings towards reading directory listings, etc. into temporary 
files but that seems to be just a convenience layer over some read/write 

[I've never used this lib - just looked through the Debian packages for one 
that stood out.  I figure that if a few people suggest libraries you'll 
quickly find one worth binding to.]


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