Combinators for ReadP

Koen Claessen koen at
Wed Jul 28 06:50:16 EDT 2004

 | > But that wouldn't do much good, would it?
 | What do you mean? It would make ReadP Haskell98 and thus
 | nhc would be able to distribute it. Of course, it changes
 | the API, which kinda sucks, so I suggest rather to have
 | newtype SomeOtherName r a = R (...)
 | #ifndef __NHC__
 | type ReadP a = forall r. SomeOtherName r a
 | #endif
 | but it's somewhat ugly.

I understand that the change will make it Haskell'98, but my
feeling is that the change in the API of ReadP makes it
unusable as a replacement for ReadS.

But I have not looked at the details and I might be wrong.

Also, I was thrown into this discussion without any context
so I do not really know what the exact change is that is
being proposed, and what the purpose is.


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