Combinators for ReadP

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Wed Jul 28 04:01:24 EDT 2004

| >| Maybe I should write a test suite too, while I'm at it. Is there any
| >| specific location in the cvs tree where test suites should be put?
| >
| >Yes please!  The right place is in
| >         testsuite/tests/ghc-regress/lib/
| >you can make a ReadP sub-directory.
| Er, doesn't that make it more difficult to create a library+test suite that
| can be shipped with other compilers?
| E.g., for my XML parser work, I created a separate test suite subdirectory
| in the source tree for that library.

It may not be perfect, but that's the way the CVS source tree is currently arranged.  Of course, a separate package can adopt whatever conventions it likes, but Martin was asking about the CVS source tree that contains the libs that come with GHC/Hugs etc.


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