Use of cpp

Isaac Jones ijones at
Tue Jul 13 17:37:17 EDT 2004

Sven Panne <Sven.Panne at> writes:

> I would be very happy if 0.1 included (hs)cpp support, otherwise the
> infrastructure would be useless for me. :-( My OpenGL/GLUT binding
> depends heavily on preprocessing being available, for three reasons:

It won't be useless for you.  You can still write a makefile that
Setup uses, or you can _maybe_ use something very close to
defaultMain, but you just run hscpp before doing much else.
Flexibility is one of our big goals :)

The basic infrastructure for simple libraries and tools needs to be
finished first.  As soon as it's finished, we'll make a release which
will _hopefully_ fix the interface so we can get some basic packages
using it (we've already got xml-rpc packaged, along with HUnit), and
learn from them.

After that, we'll add more features like cpp support, along with some
other preprocessors.



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