DData, again

Simon Marlow simonmar at microsoft.com
Mon Jul 5 06:20:16 EDT 2004

On 02 July 2004 21:28, Alastair Reid wrote:

>> i would prefer that the library had an independent distribution,
>> and can be easily downloaded and experimented with.
> Perhaps it would be a good candidate for the new packaging
> infrastructure? 
> btw Note that distributing it independently doesn't mean that it
> can't live in the main cvs.haskell.org cvs repository.  (The converse
> doesn't appear to be true: if you want it to become part of the
> standard distribs, it probably has to live in cvs.haskell.org just to
> keep it easy for the distrib builders who tend to like to be able to
> create branches, tag the repository when they make a release, etc.)

As far as the main libraries repository goes, I'd like to split this
into two stages:

  1. Bring in Map, Set, IntMap, and IntSet.  I think we're
     all agreed that these are the right thing.

  2. Resolve the outstanding issues regarding overloaded sequences.
     I find Ross's arguments in favour of a Sequence class fairly
     persuasive, but I haven't heard many other comments on the


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