Library Infrastructure code on Windows

Isaac Jones ijones at
Sun Jan 25 16:37:18 EST 2004

Graham Klyne <gk at> writes:

> More feedback...  basically, it works!


> This looks like a unix-specific command.  I was able to get the test
> suite to run successfully by changing test.hs thus:

I fixed that basically with the changes you provided.  Let me know if
windows likes this.

> The Windows batch file I used to build this is this:

Thanks.  I added a similar one to the utils/haskell-config
directory. I called them both build.bat.  Let me know if they still
work.  Can you provide a top level batch file that executes both of
the inner batch files?

> [[
> set WARNINGS=-Wall
> set PACKAGES=-package HaXml -package data
> set HUNIT=C:\DEV\Haskell\lib\HUnit\
> set GHC=C:\DEV\ghc\ghc-6.2\bin\ghc
> if "%1"=="clean" goto clean
> :all
>      mkdir testDist

I deleted this line, since testDist is the name of the executable.  I
now use {{{createDirectory "tmp"}}} directly in Test.hs and delete the
files after.

There's a new tarball available and I updated the mirror.  Thanks a



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