ANNOUNCE: HaXml-1.10

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at
Mon Jan 19 13:57:29 EST 2004

Announcing a new release of HaXml.


The latest version (1.10) has the following features and fixes:

    * All being well, HaXml now works again for Hugs (versions >= September 2003).
      The library sources are installed using hugs-package, and the tools are
      installed as scripts for runhugs.

    * Fixed the internal (and external) representations of XML character references.

    * New combinators to `escape' and `unescape' reserved XML characters in text
      and attribute values has been contributed by George Russell. (e.g. to
      convert "<" into "&lt;".)

    * Bugfixes to DtdToHaskell: A DTD content specification of the form
          <!ELEMENT A (B*,(C|(D?,E*)))>
      was incorrectly translated to the Haskell
          data A = A [B] (OneOf3 C (Maybe D) [E])
      but the new (correct) translation is
          data A = A [B] (OneOf2 C (Maybe D,[E]))


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