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On Tue, 13 Jan 2004 19:01:41 -0800 (PST), Christopher Milton <cmiltonperl at> wrote:

> What happened to the Haskell database interfaces project?

Hi Christopher,

I don't know exactly what the "Haskell database interfaces project" is, but
here are some developments that you might want to know about:

1) Krasimir Angelov's HSQL toolkit provides (untyped) access to ODBC, MySQL and
    PostgresSQL databases. It doesn't return meta information yet.

2) wxHaskell has extensive ODBC support (but only tested on windows as yet).
    also untyped but with meta-information.

3) Haskell/DB is being revived to provide typed access to databases. This
    is a student project at Chalmers. You can reach them at
    <dp03-7 at>, and I think it was Anders Höckersten who
    is doing it?
    Now that Haskell has functional dependencies, you can mimick just enough
    of TREX with nested cartesian products to use HaskellDB without TREX.
    I think they use HSQL for the low-level access :-(  (that is meant funny:-)

I hope this helps,

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