URI handling code; proposed Network.URI replacement

Simon Marlow simonmar at microsoft.com
Wed Feb 25 10:40:33 EST 2004

> Thanks.  (I've started trying to apply Haddock markup in my 
> own code, but 
> I've not yet got round to actually generating the docs from it.)
> >Since it's mostly backwards compatible, there's no issue 
> with upgrading
> >it in place.  (well, there's one small issue: it introduces 
> a dependency
> >from the network package on the parsec package, but that's not a big
> >deal).
> Hmmm... Parsec is pretty central to what I've done.

It's not a problem: just add parsec to the PACKAGE_DEPS for the network

> >We'll arrange for CVS access so you can commit your new 
> version to the
> >repository.
> OK.
> Another detail.  Do you have a preferred form of licence for 
> this.  I've 
> been putting my own applications out as GPL to date, but I 
> imagine that the 
> viral effect would be problematic for the compiler library.  
> I'm happy to 
> use any reasonable (open) licence.

BSD-style is preferred, because the network package is already BSD
licensed.  A package is the unit of licensing, so libraries with
different licenses have to go in separate packages (to make it easier
for users to be sure that they are complying with licenses).


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