URI handling code; proposed Network.URI replacement

Simon Marlow simonmar at microsoft.com
Tue Feb 24 13:07:16 EST 2004

> I've completed the functionality of my proposed upgrade to 
> Network.URI, 
> though there are still a couple of issues that need to be 
> resolved with the 
> ongoing RFC2396bis work (none critical to the general 
> functionality).  This 
> is still work-in-progress, but I'm airing it now to see if 
> folks think it's 
> an acceptable upgrade to the existing Network.URI module.

Sorry for not replying on this topic sooner.

I've taken a look at your replacement URI, and it looks great.  The
Haddock markup needs a little cleanup, but the interface looks fine.

Since it's mostly backwards compatible, there's no issue with upgrading
it in place.  (well, there's one small issue: it introduces a dependency
from the network package on the parsec package, but that's not a big

We'll arrange for CVS access so you can commit your new version to the


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