happy 1.14

Iavor S. Diatchki diatchki at cse.ogi.edu
Thu Feb 19 10:51:30 EST 2004

hi everyone,

(this is an fptools/library infrastructure question)

i was just trying to compile my monad library from scratch,
and the configuration check the makefile does at the beginning (i don't 
understand how it works)
failed complaining that happy 1.14 is needed to compile ghc (and i have 
(incidently happy 1.14 is not released yet)
now, i am not trying to compile ghc (just my library), but i am not sure 
how to
fix the makefiles as i don't really understand the fptools build system.
do you have any pointers, tips, tricks hints etc?

ideally i would like the makefile for the library to be as simple as 
but i guess it would be nice if it is compatable with the rest of the 
fptools stuff.
for example, i noticed that the makefile makes two libraries (one with 
and also uses some flags to split up the object files in little bits.  
there are also some
common "targets".  so are these things described somewhere, so that if i 
was to write
my own makefile, i could try and make it "compatable".

i wouldn't mind (in fact i would prefer to) reusing the "common" make 
as long as i know exactly what files i need to distribute with the 
library, and the make process
does not do unneccessary things.  for example, the monad library is 
written in haskell,
and it only uses standard libraries.  so the only requirement it has is 
a running version of ghc
(and perhaps haddoc if the documentation is wanted).  there is no need
to do the whole "configure" thing, checking the size of integers, and 
what not :-)
so can i achive this with the existsing make system, or should i write 
my own makefile(s)?


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