[Haskell] Weaving the Web with Haskell

Graham Klyne gk at ninebynine.org
Wed Feb 4 10:50:59 EST 2004

If I can get the POpen module working under Windows, we have a plausible 
route to achieving this using existing XSLT programs.  See my message:

Indeed, this could be a powerful tool for adding functionality quickly to 
Haskell on the major platforms (*nix and Windpows).

Any help with this would be appreciated!


At 20:55 03/02/04 -0700, Seth Kurtzberg wrote:
>Don't forget about XSLT translation.  In the commercial projects that I 
>have worked recently, using XSLT to translate to printed and screen form 
>If I can help with this aspect, or any other aspect of the project, please 
>let me know.

Graham Klyne
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