Links to XML and related work-in-progress

Graham Klyne gk at
Mon Feb 2 16:45:08 EST 2004

Further to my previous message, the work-in-progress modifications to HXml 
Toolbox, etc, can be browsed here here: (URI module)   (POpen)

Downloadable ZIP files are here:

I've included the full HXml Toolbox with my modifications here;  very few 
of the files are actually changed from the standard distribution at:

Changes include:
Replaced copy of HTTP directory with copy from, and small changes 
to Browser.hs and HTTP.hs:
Replaced POpen with Win32 version:
Changes to XmlInput.hs:
Changes to RunTestCases.hs:
Added Hugs.bat to run Hugs with required compilation environment:


Graham Klyne
For email:

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