cabal hooks interface

Isaac Jones ijones at
Wed Dec 22 14:10:05 EST 2004

ross at writes:

> As an experiment to see what would be useful, I've switched Hugs's
> handling of the more peripheral fptools/libraries packages (QuickCheck,
> mtl, fgl, HaXml, parsec, HUnit, X11, HGL, OpenGL, GLUT and OpenAL) over
> to a variant of Cabal's simple build infrastructure.  

I'll check this out ASAP.  A few days ago, I checked into Darcs the
hooks infrastructure I've talked about.  I think it'll do what you
need... I haven't checked it into CVS yet because I haven't had a
chance to put together any examples.  If you can, would you look at
the Darcs repo, or if you like, I can just check it into CVS.



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