cabal hooks interface (was: Cabal package description sytax)

Isaac Jones ijones at
Thu Dec 9 01:42:26 EST 2004

What about this interface for user-supplied command hooks.  The Bool
in "test" is for whether or not they have provided the --post-inst
flag or something.  This is so they can have different test suites
depending on whether or not the package has been installed.

For each of the pre-functions, a Maybe PackageDescription is returned.
If Nothing, then it gets the description from the file or the default
description you passed in.  If (Just p), then it uses the description
returned by the pre-functions.

The post-commands return ExitCode, and if they are failure codes, then
that command will die with that code.

data UserFunctions = UserFunctions
     runTests :: Bool -> IO ExitCode, -- ^Used for './setup test {--post-inst}'

     preConf  :: IO (Maybe PackageDescription),
     postConf :: IO ExitCode,

     preBuild  :: IO (Maybe PackageDescription),
     postBuild :: IO ExitCode,

     preClean  :: IO (Maybe PackageDescription),
     postClean :: IO ExitCode,

     preCopy  :: IO (Maybe PackageDescription),
     postCopy :: IO ExitCode,

     preInst  :: IO (Maybe PackageDescription),
     postInst :: IO ExitCode, -- ^guaranteed to be run on target

     preSDist  :: IO (Maybe PackageDescription),
     postSDist :: IO ExitCode,

     preReg  :: IO (Maybe PackageDescription),
     postReg :: IO ExitCode,

     preUnreg  :: IO (Maybe PackageDescription),
     postUnreg :: IO ExitCode

I don't particularly like the idea of: {{system "runhaskell"
["postinst.hs"]}} because it seems like a less elegant IO ExitCode.
runhaskell doesn't exist, and it relies on more moving parts.



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