Network.URI - RFC2396bis nearing last call

Graham Klyne gk at
Fri Apr 23 18:18:03 EDT 2004

The revision of RFC2396 is nearing last call (for IETF "draft standard" 
status), and after some discussion of details I've made some changes to my 
(re)implementation of Network.URI (these affect some abnormal cases when 
calculating a URI from base + relative URIs, where the relative URI uses 
more '..' components than the base URI has path components).

I've also prepared a revised version of the test module that is driven by 
an external RDF/N3 description of the, constructing the HUnit test cases 
"on the fly", then executing them.  (It's a bit slow, but that's because my 
RDF graph API is still worse than unoptimized.)

More info about the test case descriptions can be found via:

A copy of the the software itself is here:
(currently: $Id: URI.hs,v 1.11 2004/04/21 16:58:34 graham Exp $)

I am proposing to replace the existing network.URI module in the library 
CVS, but I've been holding off until the revised URI spec is stabilized, 
and also to get some sense of how much disruption would be caused by the 
change of representation of the URI type.  I have found that some 
Network.HTTP modules did need to be changed to accommodate the new 
structure (my modified sources are in the same directory as URI.hs, see above).

Unless I hear any squeals, I'll plan to actually update the URI module once 
the RFC2396 revision goes to last call, and it seems clear that there are 
no major objections to the changes.


Graham Klyne
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