[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: Haskell XML Toolbox Version 4.00

Graham Klyne GK at ninebynine.org
Thu Apr 15 21:55:02 EDT 2004

Further to my previous message:

I realize that my previous testing didn't check that HTTP retrieval 
actually works (as opposed to compiles).  I find that the HTTP module 
shipped with HXml Toolbox does NOT work with Hugs under MS-Windows.  I 
don't know why, but I do find that HXml Toolbox works fine with a version 
of HTTP that Bjorn Bringert has been working on, in my case by editing file 

-- [GK] use version of HTTP prepared for hierarchical libraries,
--      that works on Windows.
import Network.HTTP             -- http modules
import Network.Browser

I had to make a couple of modifications to the HTTP module relative to Bjorn's:
-- ** Changes by Graham Klyne:
--      - export httpVersion
--      - use new URI module (similar to old, but uses revised URI datatype)

I also found a bug in the compatibility interface function "authority" in 
my URI module.   The working HTTP and URI code can be found here:

I also noticed, in passing, that HXml Toolbox does require a version of 
Hugs that supports Char values greater than 255.  I have versions of the 
20040109 Hugs distribution recompiled for Windows with this support (and 
enlarged code space), which can be found at:


Graham Klyne
For email:

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