Simon Marlow simonmar at
Thu Apr 15 11:21:46 EDT 2004

> Sven Panne writes: 
> > Grand Unified Collection Framework whenever it arrives.

Robert Will writes:
> Since we already have a concrete proposal with prototype 
> implementation, that "whenever" may not be so far away.

There are (at least) two concrete proposals with prototype
implementations, and a large number of half-baked proposals for unified
collection frameworks.   None of them are obviously the right thing.

It takes a large investment in order to fully evaluate any of the
solutions, and I don't believe any of the proposals have received nearly
enough scrutiny.  That's not a problem as such: it just means that we
won't arrive at a situation where there is agreement on what should be
*the* Haskell collection framework.

But what we should do is move in a direction where it is easier for
people to install libraries on their machines and play around with them.
Perhaps then there will be no need to determine a "standard" - a
widely-used implementation may emerge on its own.  At any rate, we're a
long way off.


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