JP Bernardy jyp_7 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 5 08:10:11 EDT 2004


> I could add DData to the hierarchical libraries in
> the fptools repository,
> but first a few points should be clarified:

Indeed, I just wanted to make plain that I was done
with it.

>   * Who will be the maintainer? Daan? JP? Whoever it
> is, he will need write
>     access to the repository.

I'm ready to do it, though if Daan wishes, that's fine
don't want to take it over from Daan.

>   * What about the license? I can't find something
> about this on Daan's page.
>     I propose to use the standard BSD license with
> Daan and JP as the copyright
>     holder, but I think the final decision on this
> should be made by Daan.

I think Daan has already committed to a license, BSD

>   * Using DData as a documentation container module
> is a creative solution, :-)

Thanks :)

>     but a little bit uncommon IMHO. What about
> renaming it to a sibling module
>     like DData.Documentation or DData.Conventions?

I think haddock has an option to add prefix
documentation to a set of modules, though I don't know
if it is applicable given the build process.


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