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Oliver Braun obraun at
Fri Sep 26 15:57:44 EDT 2003

* Simon Marlow <simonmar at> [2003-09-26 13:32 +0100]:
> > simply do `portupgrade -rf changed_pkg` to recompile all packages
> > depending on the changed one.

> Heh, I've been using portupgrade for a while but managed to miss that.
> I usually use it in '-Rr' mode.

It's much more obscure. In '-Rr' packages with the same version number
in the port and the installed package are staying untouched. You need to
add '-f' for your purpose.

> Nevetheless, this behaviour ought to be the default.  I strongly believe
> in this principle:

>   Using the standard package tools on a system, in their default
>   configuration, it should be impossible to end up with an inconsistent
>   set of installed packages.

Seconded. Absolutely!

> FreeBSD even lets you install several different versions of a package on
> top of each other - so that when you delete one of them, it deletes some
> the files belonging to the other version too (only some, because it does
> the md5 checksum thing).  This drives me nuts.

Yes, indeed, this is not very nice :-(

Unfortunately I am very busy at the moment, but a fix or, at least, a
workarround is on my todo list.

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