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Fri Sep 26 14:47:06 EDT 2003

* Simon Marlow <simonmar at> [2003-09-26 12:08 +0100]:
> FreeBSD (in source or binary mode), and Gentoo, have no support for
> recompiling packages when something they depend on has changed.  This is
> the biggest failing of these systems IMHO.  The 3rd paragraph of 2.1
> therefore isn't correct - there's still a big problem for source-based
> distributions. However, this is not *our* problem, it's theirs - when a
> dependency is updated, everything that depends on it should be
> recompiled.

This is true for the FreeBSD base system, but it is recommended nowadays
to use sysutils/portupgrade for managing ports. With portupgrade you can
simply do `portupgrade -rf changed_pkg` to recompile all packages
depending on the changed one. The only reason why portupgrade is not
part of the base system is that it is written in ruby and we are not
willing to include ruby in the base.

BTW, as David Roundy pointed out already, the haskell config file should
be in /usr/local/etc for FreeBSD please. Or better, in $LOCALBASE/etc,
where LOCALBASE is a variable pointing to /usr/local by default.

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