Library Infrastructure Proposal & Home Page

Ross Paterson ross at
Thu Sep 25 16:47:58 EDT 2003

In the proposal, you write:

     * The 3rd Party Author writes a Setup.lhs program. Setup.lhs imports
       elements from the Distribution module which does most of the hard
       work. A very common case, which should be our first priority, is a
       pure Haskell 98 module that needn't interface with any external
       systems. In this case the author only has to include the name of
       the program, the version, and the source files. He can then call
       Distribution.defaultMain to create an executable script with the
       proper command-line flags that knows how to interface with the
       Distribution.Package module.

I'd prefer to have authors write data rather than a program, because
programs can only be executed, but you can find other uses for data.
Also programs are likely to include boilerplate that can get out of
date more quickly.

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