XML DTD for the package configuration file

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at cs.york.ac.uk
Thu Oct 16 12:28:23 EDT 2003

Isaac Jones <ijones at syntaxpolice.org> writes:

>          The data structure itself will be in Haskell, and the XML
> will be parsed by Haskell.  The DTD is a means of describing the XML
> file, not the data structure.  Is there some Haskell way to describe
> the structure of an XML file?

Don't forget that HaXml also has a "Haskell2Xml" facility for dumping
any Haskell data structure (not containing functions) as an XML
document, complete with embedded DTD.  (Requires DrIFT to derive the
Haskell2Xml class, although I'll bet that Template Haskell could also
do the job nicely.)


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