ANNOUNCE: HaXml-1.09

Malcolm Wallace
Fri, 30 May 2003 17:40:37 +0100


We announce a refresh release of the HaXml toolkit for manipulating
XML documents from Haskell.  There are no major new features here,
just a bunch of bugfixes, and a few incremental changes in the API.

  * ghc-6.0 is supported.

  * hmake is no longer required to build HaXml, provided you have ghc --make.

  * A new combinator 'path' has been added to Text.XML.HaXml.Combinators,
    allowing queries to be expressed in the style of XPath.

  * Some of the signatures in Text.XML.HaXml.Xml2Haskell have changed,
    in particular, there are new functions readXml and showXml that
    convert to/from Strings, hGetXml and hPutXml that use file Handles,
    and the old functions that use filenames are renamed to fReadXml
    and fWriteXml.

  * DtdToHaskell previously generated incorrect code for reading an
    XML element given the following DTD fragment:  <!ELEMENT foo (a,b)+ >

  * The parser had a fault when reading conditional sections nested
    inside an IGNORE section in a DTD.

  * In Text.XML.HaXml.Html.Generate, all functions now generate HTML
    tags in lower-case rather than upper-case, to conform to the XHTML

  * DtdToHaskell now accepts NOTATION types for attributes. They are
    treated just like enumeration types.

  * If you give an output filename as a command-line argument
    to DtdToHaskell, it now uses the filename as the basis for the
    generated module name.

  * Fixed a configuration bug on the Cygwin platform with ghc-5.04.x.

  * make install now places the executables (DtdToHaskell, Xtract,
    Validate, MkOneOf, Canonicalise) into the directory specified by
    ./configure --prefix=...