Haskell library infrastructure coordinator

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj@microsoft.com
Wed, 28 May 2003 11:14:17 +0100

Gentle Haskell librarians

It is common ground that "better libraries" is perhaps the single thing
that would=20
boost Haskell most; and that the best way to better libraries is the
bazaar model,=20
not the cathedral. =20

There has therefore been quite a lot of discussion recently on this list

a) What does Joe Haskell Programmer have to do to build and distribute
    a Haskell library, so that it is easy for users to install and use?

b) What infrastructure exists to ease Joe's task, especially building
    perhaps for for multiple platforms and multiple Haskell compilers?

Lots of suggestions emerged, and lots of people have knowledge and
willingness to help. =20

What we need, though, is someone to coordinate this group.  It's
difficult to reach technical agreement in a distributed group without
one person who is willing to
	* Make proposals
	* Moderate discussion
	* Be open minded; not impose his/her own views
	* Drive discussion towards taking decisions
	* Document the consensus
	* Probably implement some core infrastructure, or at least
		coordinate the efforts of others to do so
	* Restrain ambition: something modest that works is better than
		something aspirational that doesn't

Simon Marlow and I would like to propose=20
	Isaac Jones=20
for this coordination role.  He is knowledgeable, open minded, and not
connected with any particular Haskell implementation.  Most important of
all, he is willing!  (Very much not to be taken for granted -- it's a
big job.)   You should know him from his postings to this list.

Is that acceptable to everyone?  Does anyone want to propose anyone else
(check they are willing first), or themselves?  =20

A huge thank-you to Isaac.  Haskell only works because people contribute
to it.

Simon and Simon