Hierarchical libraries document updated

Simon Marlow simonmar@microsoft.com
Wed, 14 May 2003 16:27:09 +0100


I've updated the document at


to reflect some changes in how the libraries situation is evolving.
This document is the central place where the workings of the
hierarchical library system is described: it discusses how new libraries
are contributed, where they live, what form they take and so on.  The
document is also in CVS (fptools/libraries/doc/libraries.sgml).

Previously, we talked about the "Core Libraries" which were all going to
be kept in one place (fptools/libraries), and this has pretty much been
the situation up to now.  But from here on, I expect things to become
more distributed: people will maintain their own libraries and do
releases independently of the compilers, and when we have a separate
library infrastructure there will be no need for libraries to reside in
the fptools tree.

So with this in mind, the document now talks about "Reference
Libraries".  It is more clear about how names in the hierarchy are
allocated (namely by asking on libraries@haskell.org), and it has a full
list of what names have been allocated so far, who maintains those
libraries and where to get the code.

The evolution of a library infrastructure will have an impact on much of
this, so I suggest that this document is the right place to record the
results of that discussion (if/when there are some!).

Comments welcome, as usual.