Persistant (as in on disk) data

Iavor S. Diatchki
Fri, 07 Mar 2003 17:14:21 -0800


thanks for your replies.  i browsed thrugh the discussion on the 
libraries list, but it mainly seems to discuss if one should use bits or 
bytes in the binary representation.  not that this is not important (my 
personal preference is to be fast rather then small, within reason), but 
i was more interested in what these functions should do.  unfortunately 
i couldn't quite figure that out from the discussion there.

in particular, i was thinking that this dumping facility should preserve 
sharing and support cyclic data.  as such, i don't think one can write 
it in Haskell, as presumbably sharing is not observable from within the 
language.  this is why the "deriving" bit seems essential - the compiler 
can perform some magic.


Simon Peyton-Jones wrote:
> |   (c) how do we derive instances of Binary?
> If you guys can agree an interface that GHC, nhc and Hugs can all
> support, I'll gladly do the 'deriving' stuff to make 'deriving Binary'
> work for GHC.  What's always inhibited me is that there isn't a single
> agreed interface.
> For most users, having a library that works across all Haskell
> implementations and platforms is much more important than having the
> most efficient possible library. But (the possibility of an) efficient
> implementation has to be a goal, just not the only goal.  If GHC can't
> use it directly for interface files, so be it.
> Simon

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