library infrastructure roundup

Alastair Reid
Tue, 17 Jun 2003 09:26:20 +0100

On Tuesday 17 June 2003 4:23 am, Isaac Jones wrote:

> From where I'm standing, the action-items seem to be this:
> [...]

It would be useful to have a more complete picture of all the libraries, 
tools, programs, etc. that are out there 'waiting' to be packaged up.  By 
trawling through announcements in the haskell list whose subject line starts 
with 'ANN' or 'ANNOUNCE', I generated a list which I placed near the bottom 

I also built a table showing which systems these libraries and tools are 
available for as 'packages' (.msi files, debian/ redhat packages, freebsd 
ports, etc.)

We need three things:

We need people who wrote libraries to check that the information about their 
software is listed and is correct.  It would also be useful to add a column 
which says what license the software is released under (and to make sure the 
current release contains a copy of that license).

We need people who package these libraries to check that any packages they 
distribute are listed and the version number I found is correct.  It would 
also be useful to have a link to a list of all the packages you produce.

We need someone to think about how this information can be kept up to date, 
easily searched, linked to the information in, etc.  
The wiki is easy enough to update but it's no use as a database or for 
generating different views of the data.  (Hmmm, is the software used to run 
sites like 'freshmeat' available and adaptable to our purposes?)

If you need to make a change, just go ahead and edit the wiki directly.  Click 
EditText in the bottom left corner, make some changes, use preview to check 
the formatting, and consider signing any comments you make.

Alastair Reid