Food for thought: Numeric.Special

Keith Wansbrough
Fri, 06 Jun 2003 11:38:29 +0100

> Keith.Wansbrough writes:
> > Automate!
> >
> > You must avoid actually writing the import declarations for each
> > function by hand.  
> If the functions are all of the complexity of sin, cos, etc., it is hard to 
> improve significantly on:
>   foreign import ccall sin :: Double -> Double
> There's just not much information you can leave out of this.
> (Perhaps you could save the first three tokens but they're not that hard to 
> cut and paste).

I was imagining a tool (or a hand-crafted Perl script if necessary)
that turned

double gsl_sf_sin(double x);


foreign import ccall "gsl_sf_sin" sin :: Double -> Double

That wouldn't be too hard, and if there really are zillions of
functions, it would save a lot of work for the straightforward cases.

--KW 8-)

Keith Wansbrough <>
University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory.