decisions on building infrastructure

Alastair Reid
Thu, 5 Jun 2003 10:27:22 +0100

> IMHO it is nice to have a build infrastructure that people
> can fall back on if they haven't got anything else, but to
> prescribe anything won't work.

I strongly agree with this.  That's the beauty of Isaac's idea (adapted from 
python or debian or ...) of putting a script on top of it all.  If it's 
sitting on top of an fptools make system, you use one version of the script; 
if sitting on top of the gtk+hs build system you use a slightly different 
version.  (In both cases, the script should be fairly trivial because the 
makefiles do all the work.)

> Being a 3rd party library author, I am worried.  Gtk+HS, for
> example, has a quite sophisticated build system.  Adapting
> that to anything else would be quite some work.

This reminds me: can you recommend some make rules for use with c2hs so that I 
can add them to the fptools infrastructure.