Libraries and hierarchies

Alastair Reid
Fri, 8 Aug 2003 17:39:29 +0100

I think I share Ross's sense that this is (or should be) a language extension 
with a significant semantic change 

> I may be misunderstanding the transformations you have in mind, but how
> do I tell whether A.B.C.f and X.C.f are the same thing?

The gist of the transformations is expressed by the following cpp definitions:

#define A.B  Posix-pkg-1.0.Posix
#define X      Posix-pkg-1.0.Posix

where posix-pkg-1.0.Posix is the true name of the module and A.B and X are the 

(Of course, cpp is too crude a tool and won't allow dots in the name of the 
macro but hopefully you get the gist.)