Libraries and hierarchies

Simon Marlow
Fri, 8 Aug 2003 10:21:41 +0100

> I may be misunderstanding the transformations you have in=20
> mind, but how
> do I tell whether A.B.C.f and X.C.f are the same thing?

Like this:

  module X.C (module A.B.C) where
  import A.B.C

> Also, suppose I have the documentation for someone's package, and I'm
> looking at a program that uses that package, but grafted in at some
> unknown point in the hierarchy.  How do I understand that program?

Well, how do you currently understand some program distributed without
the full source for all the libraries it uses?  You need instructions
for where to find those libraries - the only new thing is that now you
also need grafting info.  It's just an extension to the dependency info
that comes with some source code.