Libraries and hierarchies

Iavor Diatchki
Tue, 05 Aug 2003 18:03:26 +0000


Simon Marlow wrote:
> Since this whole topic is rather hard to think about (I constantly find
> myself thinking in circles, anyway), could I ask you to elaborate on the
> scheme you had in mind?
same here :-)  ergh, now that i understand your proposal better this is 
probably not very relevant.  i was thinking that there is no essential 
difference between the issue of unique module names, and unique package 
names, as one can always make the package name part of the module name.
however, simon pj pointed out (and i agree) that the package name may be 
quite ugly (i.e. include versioning etc) and it would be nicer if they 
are not visibale in source code.


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