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Martin Sjögren md9ms@mdstud.chalmers.se
24 Apr 2003 10:14:37 +0200

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tor 2003-04-24 klockan 04.19 skrev Isaac Jones:
> Python seems to have a very promising approach to this same issue
> which is (IMO) more in line with what SimonPJ and SimonMar have said.
> I don't really use Python much, though so don't count on my being 100%
> correct here: http://www.python.org/sigs/distutils-sig/doc/

Indeed, distutils is great. I have written pure python modules and C
extension modules, and mixed modules, and it all works like a charm.
Plus, you have the full power of python in your setup.py script so you
can do lots of neat things.

> In particular, see the requirements of this system below [1].  Based
> on the post I'm replying to, Simon Marlow might disagree with some of
> these requirements, and distutils doesn't seem to implement anything
> having to do with selecting compilers.  HMake could help fill in the
> gap there.

What do you mean distutils not selecting compilers? It finds gcc on my
linux machine and on Solaris, and I think it probes for some windows
compilers too. I don't know about e.g. macos.

> There might be a "bootstrapping" issue here that isn't an issue with
> Python since a "Setup.hs" script won't necessarily know which compiler
> is installed.  One solution is for the compilers to standardized on
> something like "/usr/bin/runhaskell", but then the user would need a
> way to choose a default.  "hmake interactive" might get us there, if
> there were a way to invoke it like runhugs, and hmake already has the
> idea of a default compiler.

Not all compilers *have* an interactive mode, do they? I thought nhc98
was just a compiler? This makes it tricky.

Another problem is that when you run  'hugs File.hs' or 'ghci File.hs',
they start interactive mode, 'python file.py' runs the program. Are
there flags to all interpreters that run main automatically? I know
there's runhugs for example, but what about ghc(i)? What about nhc98?

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