FW: Library infrastructure

David Barton dlb@patriot.net
Wed, 23 Apr 2003 09:56:48 -0400

Matthew Donadio writes:

> I think one way to look at this is to examine similar ideas for other
> systems that work well.

As a suggestion, I just got done updating cygwin, and I must admit I admire
the setup there.  You can indicate what packages you are downloading, which
you want to keep, which you want to skip on a menu like structure.  Once
they are downloaded, automatic scripts take care of any building that is
necessary.  It does just what I think is necessary in updating programs.
For those on your system which are already present, it updates
automatically, only if necessary (if there has been a version change).

Can we just grab this code and update it for our purposes?

Dave Barton
EDAptive Computing