FW: Library infrastructure

Jens Petersen petersen@redhat.com
23 Apr 2003 11:26:51 +0900

2003年04月22日(火)の23時00分に Simon Peyton-Jones 曰く:

> Perhaps the first thing to do is to assemble list of people who would be
> willing to contribute as supporters (in the above sense), hoping that a
> Czar may then emerge by popular acclaim.  Would you like to reply,
> perhaps to the 'libraries@haskell.org' list, so indicate interest.

Yes, I would like to participate.  Perhaps I can help with
rpm package issues and such.

> I really think this is important.  If we do not collectively
> evolve a way to develop libraries in "bazaar" mode, I think Haskell will at
> best develop more slowly, and at worst wither away.