announcing darcs

Simon Peyton-Jones
Thu, 10 Apr 2003 08:39:09 +0100

|  > I can't help you gain access to windows but Hugs is many, many
|  > easier to install than GHC - you don't need mingw, cygwin or
|  > like that.  (Truth in advertising: to use the ffi (e.g., to
|  > to libcurl), you do need a C compiler :-()
| =20
|  Hmmmm.  I hadn't thought of using hugs! I do need ffi (for libcurl),
but I
|  already have the mingw c/c++ cross-compiler installed (I use it to
|  the windows version of my bridge game), so I may be able to port to
|  with less trouble that I had thought, by running hugs under wine...

Lies, all lies :-)    To install GHC you double click on the installer.
That's all. No cygwin, no mingw, nothing.

To *build* GHC from source you need these things, but to install and run
it you need none of them.  If this isn't the case I'd like to know about