X11 libraries

Alastair Reid alastair@reid-consulting-uk.ltd.uk
Wed, 02 Apr 2003 15:58:36 +0100

> For StdDIS, if it is shared by all greencard-generated source, then
> it probably should be something like Greencard.StdDIS and kept in a
> separate greencard package.

Only minor problem with making it a separate package is that the
primary purpose of StdDIS is to provide the DISs which tell GreenCard
how to marshall ints, floats, ptrs, etc. - the Haskell code it
contains is a fairly minor part.

So, if it is to be usable from other packages, the other packages need
to be able to read the raw source code of StdDIS not just access a .hi
and .o file.

I'm not sure how will this fits with the package story.

> For now, putting it in Graphics.X11.StdDIS (and not advertising its
> existence) should be fine.

I'll do that.

>> > HGL is assigned Graphics.HGL, which seems like the right thing.
>> Ok, I'll put it there.

> Or Graphics.Rendering.HGL as Malcolm suggested (actually this is
> probably more accurate).

To me, the word 'Rendering' suggests that it can (only) do output
(drawing graphics) but HGL also does input (reading keyboard and mouse
events).  So I think Graphics.HGL is more accurate.

But the same argument surely applies to OpenGL too (???) so maybe I'm
reading too much into 'Rendering'?