X11 libraries

Alastair Reid alastair@reid-consulting-uk.ltd.uk
Wed, 02 Apr 2003 11:40:45 +0100

I'm in the process of moving the X11 libraries over from hslibs into
fptools/libraries and thought I'd better check I'm doing it the
approved way before I commit.

At present, I'm modelling my infrastructure (Makefiles, directory
structure, etc) on the HOpenGL infrastructure so, naturally, I'm
putting it in fptools/libraries/X11 and have the following modules:

  module X11   -- reexports  X11.Types and X11.Xlib
  module X11.StdDIS
  module X11.Types
  module X11.Xlib

The X11 module lives in fptools/libraries/X11.hs.
The X11 library is only built if GhcLibsWithX11 is set.

The X11 library is covered by the same license as GHC, Hugs, etc.

1) Is this the right place to put X11 in the directory tree or should
   I put it under libraries/base or some other existing directory?

2) Is this the right place to put the X11 module in the hierarchial

I'm hoping to get round to moving the Win32 and HGL libraries over
pretty soon as well so whatever answer you give should apply to them


ps The makefiles seem to be entirely for GHC usage but we will want to
   build X11 and Win32 for Hugs and NHC as well.  Since we already
   have makefiles and other scripts for doing this (Hugs only at
   present), the easy way to do this would be to copy over the
   existing scripts and completely ignore the fptools Makefile
   infrastructure - but it would perhaps be nicer if we could easily
   exploit the existing infrastructure.  (This applies to all the
   existing stuff in fptools/libraries/base too - the Hugs distro
   contains stuff to compile all the files that contain ffi code but
   this largely replicates the instructions from the fptools

pps Should I continue the unsavoury practice of committing GreenCard
   generated code to the repository?  (Currently done for Win32, I'd
   do it for Xlib too for the sake of consistency.)