small patch for HsLexer.lhs in hdoc 0.8.2

Martin Norbäck
16 May 2002 14:20:10 +0200

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Thanks for the new version of hdoc!

I've found one bug in the HsLexer.lhs file (which was introduced with
the new stuff from hsparser I think). I gets the source location all
mixed up when character literals are present.

It seems the same bug is present in the new Language:Haskell.Lexer so I
send this to as well. Even though the patch
doesn't apply automatically there, it should be easy to apply by hand.

The patch is attached.



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--- /home/martin/hdoc-0.8.2/hsparser/HsLexer.lhs	Sat May 11 19:20:29 2002
+++ HsLexer.lhs	Thu May 16 14:00:19 2002
@@ -378,7 +378,7 @@
                      c:s    -> charEnd c s loc y (x+1)
                      []     -> error "Internal error: lexChar"
-  where charEnd c ('\'':s) =3D \loc x -> cont (Character c) s loc (x+1)
+  where charEnd c ('\'':s) =3D \loc y x -> cont (Character c) s loc y (x+1=
         charEnd c s =3D parseError "Improperly terminated character consta=
nt" s
 lexString :: (Token -> P a) -> P a