Using Haddock for standard libraries (was: RE: ANNOUNCE: Haddock version 0.1, a Haskell documentation tool)

Simon Marlow
Wed, 8 May 2002 15:59:52 +0100

>     Haddock is very cool idea. I like it, but I see
> that Haddock doesn't support existencial and universal
> quntified types. Is it too difficult to implement
> that? I want to rewrite Object I/O documentation but I
> need support for these features. I'll volunteer to
> extend Haddock if there isn't any who already work
> about that.

I've just added support for existential quantifiers in datatype
declarations.  You should find that Haddock already supports universals
- in fact it allows 'forall' in exactly the same places as GHC (i.e.
virtually everywhere).