FiniteMap: modifyFM

Alastair Reid
18 Jun 2002 12:13:30 +0100

>> ... and if I had my way we would remove all the 'FM' suffices too.
> yes yes yes yes.

> both `FiniteMap.empty' and `empty :: FiniteMap Foo Bar' look
> infinitely better than `emptyFM'.

A problem with relying on qualified import in this way is that it is
hard to build aggregate interfaces (a module that imports half a dozen
other modules and reexports them unchanged).  The HGL used to use
qualified import (for all those 'create a Foo, select a Foo in current
graphics context, delete a Foo' functions) but we switched back to a
more traditional interface because we couldn't build aggregate
interfaces.  So, while I agree that it looks nicer, it's not
necessarily better.

Anyway, isn't there some kind of collection class that FM can be made
a member of?

Alastair Reid