Graphics hierarchy

Sven Panne
Tue, 26 Feb 2002 11:43:00 +0100

Simon Marlow wrote:
> I like "Rendering".

OK, I'll move my OpenGL stuff in the repository soon if there are no
further objections.

> Ok, I think I might be tempted to put the X libraries in their own
> hierarchy, because they don't fit completely into either Rendering
> or UI:
>   Graphics
> [...]
>      X
>        Xt
>        Xlib
>        Xmu
>        Xaw

Apart from the fact that I'd prefer the more exact "X11" instead of
plain "X", that's what I had in mind.

> >    Functional Metapost
> >    Inventor 
> I don't know enough about these.

I don't know know much about the former, but Open Inventor
( is a scene graph API, which
neither really fits into Graphics.UI nor Graphics.Rendering, so I'd
propose a new subcategory Graphics.SceneGraph. But that's probably
something hypothetical at the moment...

> The Win32 API includes not just Graphics but also Systemy stuff, so
> there are two options: either it has its own top-level category,
> [...]

I'd prefer that, too.

Has anything been decided about POSIX yet?

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