Proposal: module namespaces.

Malcolm Wallace
Tue, 27 Feb 2001 16:47:26 +0000

Christian writes:
> >     I propose that every import have an implicit "as"
> >     clause to use as an abbreviation,
> What about, e.g.
>   import qualified Text.Xml.Parse
>   import qualified Text.Yml.Parse
> ?

Just like right now in Haskell'98 with overlapping module renaming.
If a function name f is found in only one of the two libraries, Parse.f
is unambiguous.  If it occurs in both, Parse.f is ambiguous and gives
an error, but only if Parse.f is mentioned in the importing module.
The fully qualified name is unambiguous, and if you really want to be
clear, do your own explicit renaming.