Proposal: module namespaces.

Stefan Karrmann
Tue, 27 Feb 2001 13:52:06 +0100

Malcolm Wallace schrieb folgendes am Mon, Feb 26, 2001 at 05:59:30PM +0000:
> Proposal 2
> ----------
> but only a guaranteed-to-be-stable, complete, library could be called
>     Std.Text.Xml
> The implication of the Std. namespace is that all such "standard"
> libraries will be distributed with all Haskell systems.  In other
> words, you can rely on a standard library always being there, and
> always having the same interface on all systems.

What's about version changes? How can anybody garantee that a library is stable?
Some functions or instances may become obsolete or even disappear. Other
may be needed in later versions of the library.

Stefan Karrmann