I Hate IO

Alastair David Reid reid@cs.utah.edu
15 Aug 2001 15:37:28 -0600

> My solution would be to have the API "random-access" based, and then
> have a type that provided the current stream-based interface (which
> I would use for your example):

Operating systems, IO libraries, etc. like sequential access because
they can play all sorts of tricks with reading ahead, buffering,
etc. to overcome the latency of the physical disk and the overhead of
performing a system call.  This makes a huge difference to
performance.  It works because most access is sequential.

Two consequences:

1) You would probably want the implementation of files in the Haskell
   libraries to perform buffering exactly the same whether you provide
   a sequential access API (as at present) or a random access API (as

2) If you were to build a sequential API on top of a random access
   API, you would want to take care that buffering still works

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