[jhc] Can jhc support newer ext libraries?

Kiwamu Okabe kiwamu at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 19:41:47 CET 2013


Can jhc support newer ext libraries?

I tried update version.

Diff-0.1.2.hl             => 0.2.0 (OK)
HUnit-          => (OK)
QuickCheck-     => (OK)
html-           => Latest
parsec-         => Latest (parsec2)
safe-0.2.hl               => 0.3.3 (OK)
smallcheck-0.4.hl         => 0.6.2 (Fail / Typeable error. 0.6.1 is OK.)
transformers-   => (Fail / Need more type signature?)
xhtml-3000.2.0.1.hl       => 3000.2.1 (OK)
containers- => (Fail / Parse error.)
deepseq-    => (Fail / Not found Data.Fixed.
is OK.)
filepath-   => (OK)
pretty-     => (Fail / Not found Data.String.
is OK.)

But some library cannot be compiled...

Could you merge the patch attached?
And, how to fix upgrade fail?

Best regards,
Kiwamu Okabe
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