[jhc] JHC fails to build with ghc 7.0.3

Robert Clausecker fuzxxl at gmail.com
Sat Apr 30 16:29:55 CEST 2011

Hello all!

I recently upgraded my development platform to GHC 7.0.3 and the latest
platform. After manually patching the cabal package for DrIFT (it had a
dependency base<4 which was not satisfiable on my system, so I changed
it to base-all)  I tried to build jhc.  Both version 0.7.7 fail to
build, but there are different reasons:

 - -XTypeFamilies is required to build JHC with GHC 7.0.3, so I added
this flag to Makefile.am
 - jhc 0.7.7 fails to build at the module "Options" with the following
error message:

[ 73 of 169] Compiling Options          ( drift_processed/Options.hs,
src/Options.o )

    Couldn't match expected type `[Char]' with actual type `Char'
    Expected type: [String]
      Actual type: [Char]
    In the second argument of `(==>)', namely `version'
    In the expression: "version" ==> version

- jhc TRUNK fails at E.SSimplify with a rather long error, so I put it
onto a paste service: http://goo.gl/tpKvZ

I hope these errors are helpful.

Yours, Robert Clausecker

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