[jhc] bracket_ issue and fix

Korcan Hussein korcan_h at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 28 02:53:58 EDT 2010

Hello, I've been tyring to modify the Haskell SDL bindings from hackage to get it to work on jhc (people should not use Haskell extensions in binding libraries!!!) and I had a problem with a piece of code that was using bracket_ but I did find a solution, the error message was:

[1 of 1] Graphics.UI.SDL.General(.......................................jhc: user error (
What:    failure
Why:     boxyMatch failure: (Jhc.Prim.IO Jhc.Basics.()) (s629 -> Jhc.Prim.IO s630)
Where:   on line 148 in General.hs
in the application
  (Graphics.UI.SDL.General.init Graphics.UI.SDL.General.20_flags)
   Graphics.UI.SDL.General.withInit        {- on line 148 -}
in the function binding
   Graphics.UI.SDL.General.withInit Graphics.UI.SDL.General.20_flags
  = Control.Exception.bracket_
      (Graphics.UI.SDL.General.init Graphics.UI.SDL.General.20_flags)
      Graphics.UI.SDL.General.21_action        {- on line 148 -})

My suspicion was that the type signature for bracket_ wasn't exactly the same as defined in Haskell98 so I copied from haddoc docs the defintion and made bracket2_ function:

bracket2_ :: IO a -> IO b -> IO c -> IO c
bracket2_ before after thing = bracket before (const after) (const thing)

Then it all works fine, when I was googling the problem I think someone else had it too so hopefully if another person gets it they can find this :)

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